Legislators in New York legalized both online and retail sports wagering activities in the state back in 2018. As a result of this development, various online sportsbooks have already applied for their license to operate in the state. These sportsbooks are now competing against each other to attract and retain customers in the state by offering various betting promo codes in New York. These promo codes correspond to various types of bonus offers from these sportsbooks.

What is a sportsbook promo code?

A sportsbook promo code is usually a string of letters, numbers, or both that corresponds to discounts, boosts, promotions, or betting bonuses in NY. Sportsbooks employ various marketing tactics to drive bettors to try their sports betting offerings in New York.

How to get a betting promo code in New York

Getting a betting promo code for a New York sportsbook is a straightforward process. Sportsbooks have various offerings that can help the customers to decide on the best options for them. They often display various New York betting promos on their websites or apps to make it easy for customers to find and use them. Bettors in New York can also ask their friends or peers to share promo codes with them to enable them to share and benefit from referral bonuses. They can also look for other promotional materials from these sportsbooks where they can find these codes.

Sportsbooks also advertise in other forms of media where they also promote the most recent promo codes that correspond to their most generous bonuses. Customers can then take note of these promo codes to avoid missing out on these best offers. If they need to check their eligibility for these bonuses, they can contact the customer support team of the sportsbooks for help. They can also check the bonus menu, the help center, or the FAQ section of the NY sportsbooks websites to get the full details of these promo codes.

Bettors can select from a wide variety of bonuses they can get with a promo code in New York. These sportsbook promo codes represent several types of bonuses that can suit multiple types of customers based on their betting requirements. The list below provides the details of bonuses you can claim using a betting promo code in NY:

  • Matched deposit bonus – Sportsbooks usually give deposit match bonuses to new customers. Customers will need first to register for an account and deposit some money into their betting accounts. Once they meet certain terms and conditions, the sportsbook will then match the same amount that they have deposited up to a certain limit. This bonus can range from 50% to 100%. However, there are outliers that can provide a 200% matched deposit bonus.
  • Matching bet bonus – Matching bet bonuses are also known as a buy-one-get-one-free bonus from sportsbooks. This type of bonus is similar to the matched deposit offer. However, with matching bet bonuses, sportsbooks typically require their customers to place an actual bet first before providing a matching bet. They will then match the bet with a corresponding perk.
  • Boosted odds bonus – Sportsbooks offer boosted odds bonuses to enable their customers to acquire more profit. As these bonuses typically increase the customer’s chances of winning, sportsbooks can opt to decrease the wagering limits for these bonuses.
  • Cashback bonus –Sportsbooks usually grant cashback bonuses in the form of equivalent refunds. Customers who are eligible for this bonus can get back a portion of the amount they lost in cash form. Usually, they will not be able to claim this in terms of platform credits or free bets. As this is a high-value bonus, sportsbooks seldom offer them. When they do, they will opt to offer refunds that they will give periodically instead of giving it all in one single wager.
  • Free bet bonus – NY sportsbooks also grant free bet bonuses that customers can use to place their wagers on certain betting markets or types. With this type of bet, customers will not lose anything if ever they place their bets on the losing team. If a customer wins, they can receive only the profit and not the full bet or stake amount.
  • Reload bonus – Customers can avail of this bonus once they have made a second reload or deposit into their accounts. Sportsbooks typically offer this bonus as a reward for their loyal patrons who often bet on their platforms.
  • Match play bonus – New sportsbooks customers typically get this match play bonus offer. This bonus comes in the form of free money. Sportsbooks usually offer this bonus to those who are new to their platform. In most cases, match play bonuses cannot be converted to cash and can only be used to place wagers. Customers can get this bonus after they have placed enough wagers to satisfy the set amount limit. To avail of this bonus, customers can look at the sportsbook website’s promo codes for online betting in New York.

Pros and cons of betting promo codes in New York

The section below presents the pros and cons of promo codes for online gambling sites in New York.


  • Easy to get – Most sportsbooks readily display and promote the promo codes in New York that are linked to the bonuses that they offer on their websites and apps. Customers can easily obtain these promo codes to avail of the bonuses. The promo codes for online betting in New York are usually simple alphanumeric characters that are easy to remember and retrieve when needed. Customers can also contact the customer service team of the sportsbook to obtain these sportsbook promo codes in New York.
  • They are freeSports betting sites in NY also provide these betting promos for free to their customers. Customers can simply look at the website of these sportsbooks to know the various promo codes in New York without paying for anything. There are also no other hidden charges when customers input these promo codes in the corresponding online forms when availing of the linked bonuses.


  • Expiry date – Most of the promo codes for online betting in New York can only be used up to a certain date. After this, customers can no longer use these promo codes to claim the available bonuses. As there are certain terms and conditions that customers need to meet before they can benefit from these promo codes, there is a possibility that they can miss the expiry dates. Some promo codes also do not clearly display their expiration dates. As a result, customers might miss or forget the expiration date of the promo codes.
  • You can only use a promo code once – There is also a limit on the number of times that customers can use a promo code. Promo codes for online betting in New York are for single use only. Customers typically became frustrated when attempting to use a promo code that they have already used in a previous bonus claim. Given this, it will be beneficial for customers to make a list of available promo codes and cross them out once used.


Do I always need to use a promo code to get a bonus in NY?

No, you do not always need to use a promo code to get a sportsbook bonus in New York. Some bonus types are available even without an associated promo code. For these bonuses, customers just need to create an account and give their consent to receive promotions about the bonuses. Once they do so, the NY sportsbook will credit the bonuses into their accounts.

Do all NY betting sites have promo codes?

Yes, almost all NY betting sites have promo codes. This is their way of attracting customers and putting a leg up over their competitors. Sportsbooks prominently display these promo codes on their websites or apps to draw in customers to their platforms.

Where to find a promo code for a NY betting site?

The best place to find NY betting site promo codes is right here on this page. We work hard to update the bonus codes regularly and we scan the internet daily to make sure you are being presented with the best possible bonus offers in the state of New York.