This article provides details on how prepaid card betting sites in New York work. Stick around to find out more.

What are prepaid cards?

A prepaid card is much like a gift card, which allows players to spend the amount of money stored on the card. When the balance has been depleted, players can reload the card in a participating store, using ATMs, or at a physical location. Most prepaid cards are issued by banks and then branded by credit card companies such as American Express, Visa, and Mastercard. The card is an alternative to using cash when playing at NY sportsbooks or shopping. It is a safe way to move money for players who don’t have a debit or credit card connected to a bank account.

Best prepaid card betting sites in New York

Prepaid cards work on many betting sites in New York, so here are some of the best.

  • Caesar’s New York – Ceasar is arguably one of the biggest players in the online gambling industry. With platforms operating in virtually every gaming market, the brand has gained a reputation among bettors. Players should expect sports events from all over the world and a variety of betting markets. Ceasars also has a well-designed platform to make it easy for new play to find their way around. 24/7 customer support and a variety of payment options make the platform a one-stop-shop.
  • BetRivers New York – Powered by the award-winning Kambi, BetRivers offers an excellent gaming platform for New York players. It gives punters an opportunity to wager on thousands of sporting events across the globe at reasonably competitive odds. New players get to enjoy exciting welcome bonuses while existing customers can take part in regular events and tournaments. Furthermore, the platform offers 24/7 customer support and an extensive list of payment options, including prepaid cards.
  • PointsBet New York – Of all the sites in this list, PointsBet is bold enough to do something out of the ordinary. It differentiates itself from other platforms by offering a unique high-risk, high-reward points betting system. Apart from this, they have a user-friendly mobile app and an excellent gaming market, including football, cricket, boxing, and baseball. Players will also enjoy amazing welcome bonuses and recurring promotions to boost their winning chances.
  • BetMGM New York – Established back in August 2018, BetMGM promises an amazing gaming experience not only for sports betting but also for the casino. The platform’s design is impressive, and it is available across different devices. With excellent customer support available round the clock, a huge sportsbook market, and casino games, BetMGM is one of the leading sites in the US. Prepaid cards are among the payment options, which also include bank transfers and online wallets.
  • FanDuel New York – FanDuel is a strong option to choose when you want to play online sports betting in New York. The site is user-friendly across its platforms, including the mobile website, app, and desktop site. The selection of odds is among the most competitive in the market, along with amazing sign-up offers. In terms of games, punters can bet on football, horse races, basketball, and more. To make things interesting, it accepts prepaid cards as one of its payment methods.

How to use a prepaid card on a NY betting site

Making deposits using a prepaid card on a NY betting site is a straightforward process. All you have to do is first purchase a prepaid card and load it. Then, log in to the betting platform, go to deposit, and choose prepaid cards as your payment option.

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to use a prepaid card on a NY betting site.

  1. Top up your prepaid card — This can be done using an ATM, through an online banking platform, or at a physical location.
  2. Find a betting site with the Maestro, Visa, or Mastercard logo — Betting platforms usually include the logo at the bottom of the homepage or cashier section.
  3. Go to the cashier section — Click on ‘My Account’ or something similar to find cashier options of the sportsbook.
  4. Choose ‘Deposit’ — Find the deposit button from the cashier section and click on it.
  5. Click whatever logo above that’s on your card — Depending on the issuer of the card, find their logo and click on it.
  6. Enter your prepaid card details — This is where you input card details including card number, CVS code, and expiry date.
  7. Choose the amount you wish to deposit — After the information above is verified, you can enter the amount you wish to deposit.
  8. Click ‘Confirm’ — Select the ‘Confirm’ button or something similar to authorize the transaction.
  9. Start betting — Wait for the amount to reflect on the account, and you are ready to enjoy available games.

Can you withdraw to a prepaid card from a NY betting site?

No, prepaid cards cannot be used as a withdrawal method on online betting sites in New York. As a bettor, you need to find another option to cash out winnings. These options can include direct bank transfers that can take some time or online wallets for instant transactions.

Pros and cons of prepaid card betting sites in New York

The cons and pros of prepaid cards on NY betting sites vary depending on the provider. This is the reason NY players are encouraged to first compare providers before purchasing a prepaid card. Some key factors to consider include fees, spending limits, and availability in the market. Here are some general pros and cons of using prepaid cards.


  • Control your spending – Using prepaid cards prevents overspending since you can’t spend more than what is on the card. This helps punters, especially those with gambling problems, to limit and control their spending. With prepaid cards, players can set a fixed amount for a certain duration.
  • Widely accepted – Thanks to the widespread use of prepaid cards, different merchants, including online gambling sites in NY, accept them as a payment option. Unlike credit/debit cards, there are no additional exchange fees for international transactions, provided that the currency in the card matches the local currency.
  • Don’t need to risk using your bank details – While betting on online platforms, most players prefer to be anonymous. Prepaid cards play a crucial role in such an instance since it is not connected to a bank account. All a player has to do is load the card and then use it anonymously on a prepaid card betting site in New York.


  • Need to top up your prepaid card. – Although an advantage in a different way, the need to top up a prepaid card can sometimes be a disadvantage. This is true, especially for high rollers who spend more money on gambling. However, for those using checking accounts, automatic monthly deposits would be beneficial.
  • Fees may apply – Most prepaid cards charge users maintenance of about $10, similar to a checking account that can cost $15. Players can also expect a small charge when purchasing a prepaid card and when they reload the card online, at an ATM, or at a physical location.


Are prepaid cards safe to use on NY betting sites?

Yes, prepaid cards are safe to use on NY betting sites. Prepaid cards use SSL encryption to protect the personal information stored on the card. This prevents unauthorized access if it falls into the wrong hands. Since the card is separated from a bank account, only the amount loaded on the card can be used. As a result, prepaid cards are quite advanced as far as security is concerned.

How to check if there are fees on prepaid card betting sites in NY?

You can check if there are any fees by visiting the banking section of the NY betting site. Betting sites in NY include any additional fees for prepaid card deposits in the banking section. However, it is important to note that betting platforms rarely charge any fees for deposits. Prepaid cards only charge the player maintenance fee, which can be around $10. Also, punters can expect a reload fee with some prepaid cards.

Can I use my friend’s prepaid card on a NY betting site?

No, you cannot use your friend’s prepaid card on a NY betting site. Unless the owner of the card has explicitly granted permission to use it, any transactions made on the card are illegal. This is considered a fraud, and it may be subject to criminal and financial liability, even if it is a small amount. The cardholder should review the prepaid card sharing terms first.