Sportsbooks in New York award new and existing customers different promotions, and one of them is the deposit match bonus. This bonus benefits both parties substantially. Operators use it as a marketing strategy to get customers. On the other hand, clients use it to place more bets without depositing additional funds. Read on to learn more about the deposit match bonus in New York.

What is a deposit match bonus in NY?

A deposit match bonus at an online gambling site in New York is a monetary promotion that sportsbooks offer by matching the initial deposit up to a certain percentage. For example, if a sportsbook has a 100% deposit match bonus, and you deposit $30, your account will be credited $60. If the same sportsbook had a 50% deposit match bonus, your account balance would be $45. You can’t withdraw the additional money. But winnings made from it are real and withdrawable.

Sportsbooks that sometimes offer deposit match bonuses in NY

Some sportsbooks in New York sometimes offer deposit match bonuses. Thus, consider checking them out. Here are a few of them.

  • DraftKings sportsbook – At times, DraftKings offers new clients a deposit match bonus as part of their welcome promotion. Besides, this sportsbook is renowned for its vast range of sports markets, different bet types, excellent customer support, and a highly responsive site. In addition, the operator has a daily fantasy platform that allows clients to earn more.
  • BetRivers sportsbook – Another sportsbook in New York that sometimes has the deposit match bonus is BetRivers. Bettors appreciate this sportsbook first deposit bonus they can find their way around without risking money. BetRivers is a reputable operator in the gambling industry due to its quality services. Moreover, it has an exceptional Rewards program that has received a positive reception from New York punters.
  • PointsBet Sportsbook – PointsBet usually offers new customers a deposit match bonus from time to time. Hence, always check the sportsbook’s promotions page to know when this bonus is active. PointsBet is a convenient sportsbook in New York as it has advanced features, numerous payment options, several sports markets, better odds, and a user-friendly site.
  • Tipico sportsbook – New York punters gravitate towards Tipico sportsbook due to its wide variety of promotions, including the deposit match bonus. When this promotion is active, most of the time it is available to new customers as part of the welcome package. The sportsbook always matches a player’s first deposit up to a stated amount.
  • WynnBet sportsbook – WynnBet Sportsbook is a household name in New York. The operator has numerous promotions on both its sportsbook and casino platforms. At times, WynnBet offers its customers a match deposit up to a particular amount and a casino bonus.

How to get a deposit match bonus in NY

Now that you have learned what a deposit match bonus is, it’s time to know how to get it. Here are the steps to follow.

  1. Search for a sportsbook that offers a deposit match bonus in NY – The first thing to do is to find a sportsbook that offers a deposit match bonus in NY. You can consider the above-discussed one, or you can search for more options. Only choose sportsbooks that are licensed to operate in New York. A licensed and regulated sportsbook will include the respective bodies and license numbers on their website, preferably at the bottom of the homepage. Licensed companies follow strict rules to offer clients fair and credible services. After finding at least three licensed and reliable operators, compare the value of each sportsbook’s deposit match bonus to choose a decent one. Nonetheless, you need to also keep in mind the wagering/rollover requirement of each NY casino. This is the number of times you are required to play through your bonus to withdraw winnings made from it. For example, if a sportsbook has a 100% match bonus and you deposit $20, you will receive a $20 bonus. If this sportsbook has a 5x wagering requirement, you are required to bet with $100 to withdraw your winnings. Now let’s say the same conditions apply to another sportsbook, but with a 2x wagering required. In this scenario, you only need to wager $40 to access your winnings. Therefore, it will be best to sign up with the latter sportsbook. Other factors to consider are the range of sports markets, bet types, payment options, responsible gambling policies, loyalty program benefits, and customer support options. All these aspects will help you find a sportsbook that works for you.
  2. Sign up with your details – Signing up with a sportsbook is usually straightforward. Click ‘Register’ Join Now’ or ‘Sign Up’ to start the registration process. You will provide personal details like your full name, screen/username, password, email and physical addresses, and phone number. Your chosen sportsbook will ask you to send documents to verify your information. For instance, you will upload a copy of your ID, passport, or driver’s license to prove your identity and age. You need to be 21+ years to be allowed to gamble online in New York. Also, you may send a copy of a government document, leasing agreement, or utility bill to verify your physical address. To verify your email address and phone number, the sportsbook will send a link or code. Do not use fake documents because the sportsbook will notice. As a result, you may not be allowed to open an account. Most sportsbooks work with reputable third-party companies to screen documents. Thus, they can easily spot a fake one. Your documents will only be used for verification purposes. Once the screening process ends, they will be kept confidential. You will receive an email when your account has been approved.
  3. Deposit – Once your account is active, you can deposit to start wagering. Click ‘Deposit’ ‘Cashier’ or ‘Wallet’ to find the available payment options. Choose your preferred one, enter your details, enter the amount you wish to deposit and complete the transaction. The amount should reflect on your bankroll immediately. When choosing your payment option, find one that you already have to make the process after. Ensure that your payment method has enough money to transact to your sportsbook’s bankroll faster.
  4. Enter a promo code to receive your deposit match bonus – Your chosen sportsbook will provide you with a promo code which you will enter in a designated area to claim the deposit match bonus in New York. After activation, your bankroll will include both your initial deposit and the bonus. However, not all sportsbooks give a betting promo code in New York. Some may email you a link, which upon clicking will activate the bonus. Also, some may automatically activate the bonus. This means that after making a deposit, your bankroll will reflect the bonus without asking you to perform additional actions.
  5. Read the wagering requirements – It is crucial to know a bonus’s wagering requirement before signing up with a sportsbook. However, even after registration and depositing, go through this section again. This is because as an official customer you will have access to more information. Learn about the wagering requirement rate and its terms and conditions. This will help you make the right moves, allowing you to withdraw your winnings sooner. Furthermore, discover the validity period of the bonus, which can be a week to a month. You are required to fulfill the wagering requirement before the bonus expires to access your winnings. To beat this requirement within the validity period, you need to bet enough times without losing. Therefore, you should bet on markets you are familiar with or those that have a high chance of creating huge wins. Reach out to customer support if you need additional information.
  6. Start betting – At this point, you should be well-informed about your sportsbooks deposit match bonus. Hence, you can start betting on your favorite sports markets. Use the most suitable bet types and odds to win mote, and in turn, allow you to benefit from the bonus considerably. If you are a beginner, find the guides/articles offered by your sportsbook to have a few tips up your sleeve.

Pros and cons of a deposit match bonus in NY

The deposit match bonus at New York betting sites has both pros and cons. It is important to be informed about both sides to make the right calls.


  • Double your deposit – The main idea behind the deposit match bonus in New York is to increase a bettor’s deposit. For instance, if your sportsbook offers up to 100% match, your deposit will be doubled. This gives you more money to place bets with.
  • Try out new games – If you are a beginner in gambling, this sportsbook first deposit bonus allows you to try sports markets, bet types, and odds without risking your money. This way, you get to learn how your betting works and the best strategies to employ.
  • Moreover, existing customers always avoid trying new games or sports markets because they don’t want to lose money. If you are one of them, take advantage of the deposit match bonus in New York. Bet on markets you always scroll through and see what happens. If you win, then you have a new sports market to bet on in the future. If you lose, lesson learned, but nothing happens to your bankroll.
  • Take a bigger risk without risking your bankroll – Gambling involves risks, whether you are a beginner or an expert. You need to try higher odds or unique bet types to win big. However, this can be hard as it puts a higher risk on your bankroll. Luckily, New York betting promos like the deposit match bonus allow you to take bigger calculative risks without worrying about dealing with huge losses.


  • Need to deposit – The first drawback of the deposit match bonus in New York is that you need to deposit to access it. No deposit bonuses are gaining popularity as the years go by. This makes the deposit requirement of this bonus a slight setback for punters. However, most sportsbooks have minimal deposit limits. This means that you don’t need to deposit a higher amount to enjoy the deposit match bonus.
  • Wagering requirements – Unfortunately, the deposit match bonus in New York is one of the promotions with high wagering requirements. Some sportsbooks have as high as 25x rollover. For this reason, compare multiple sportsbooks before signing up to find one with a reasonable requirement. Note that you need to meet the wagering requirement of your chosen sportsbook within the bonus’s validity period.


Do NY deposit match bonuses have a maximum deposit limit?

Yes, deposit match bonuses usually have a maximum on NY betting sites. If your chosen sportsbook's bonus is 100% match bonus up to $250, the stated amount is the maximum deposit limit. Therefore, if you deposit $300, your bankroll will be credited $550. Sportsbooks do this to provide customers with more money without running out of business. If they didn't have the maximum deposit limit, they would be giving thousands of dollars to clients. This can run them out of business.

Can I get a deposit match bonus on every sportsbook in NY?

No. Not all sportsbooks in New York offer a deposit match bonus, and even most that do, have particular times when the bonus is active. For this reason, always check the promotions section of a sportsbook to know when they have the bonus. You can also reach out to the customer support team for more information.

Are deposit match bonuses optional on NY sportsbooks?

Yes, deposit match bonuses are optional on NY sportsbooks. If you don't want to use the deposit match bonus in New York, don't enter the code or click the link emailed to you. This allows you to bet with your initial deposit only. In the case where a sportsbook automatically activates the bonus, reach out to them before depositing. Consequently, they won't credit the bonus to your bankroll.